Privacy Policy

This page discloses the information gathered by Curve Studios, of 4th Floor, 9 Dallington St, London EC1V 0BQ ("Curve") through the use of the PC version of Explodemon!, and the usage of that data.

Data collected

When playing Explodemon!, data is periodically sent back to a server, including: a non-personally-identifiable user ID, level completion data, and what store the game was obtained from.
The user ID is a MD5 hash of your network adapter’s MAC address: there is no means by which we can reverse-engineer this hash to find the source pieces of information.

Purpose of collection of data

Curve collects this information in order to provide analytics on how Explodemon is played, and help us create better experiences in the future.

Sharing of data

The data collected by Curve is stored on a remote Google server. Aside from this, the data will not be knowingly shared with any third party for any purpose.


Children in the US under the age of 13 should either get an adult to set up their firewall to block internet communication from Explodemon.exe, or not play the game.


If you have any questions about the data we collect, or what this data is used for, feel free to contact us at [email protected]