Monopoly Casino Review

When we load up the website of Monopoly's casino, we’re greeted by a fairly basic but clean looking interface, mixed with colour and blocky aesthetics. There’s a sense of ametuer styling at work here, but the end result is rather refined, which then makes us feel more inclined to find out more about the other casinos of the brand. From what we’ve seen so far, a lot of the necessary information appears to be on the first page, but all of it has been displayed in a way that’s easy for users to digest and take in. This is key with any gaming website, so it’s good to see this new brand engaging their audience in the correct way, so far at least.

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Bonuses and Promotions

Seeing as how this is a fresh new site for the year, it’ll come as no surprise to see that the promotional material is limited; there’s a welcome offer and then one other to interactive with. Although this may seem disappointing, do remember that the brand should grow with time, and so too should their bonuses. Furthermore, there’s loyalty points to win, as well as competitions, and even a special VIP section for those dedicated enough to make the grade. So, all in all, the outcome isn’t as bleak as it first appears.

In regards to the main promotion, the one that all newbies can access, it takes the standard format of a deposit match up; for what you wager, some additional monies are given back. In this instance the amount is 100%, with the min deposit amount needing to be L10 or over. At this time, there doesn’t appear to be any extras attached to this offer, which does mean that it’s very short lived and a tad lacklustre. As for the other offer on show, that’s one that gifts users L2 extra throughout their gaming week, an amount that we can all agree isn’t exactly anything to write home about. On the other hand, that small amount can soon add up, so we have a slight catch-22 feeling here.

Returning to the loyalty points for now, the system is simple: the more you play and wager, the higher up the ranks you will progress. We’ve seen this type of reward system time and time again, as no doubt have you. As for the VIP, this seems to be an invite only process, reserved for only the most loyal of Monopoly players out there. Even though we can’t access it ourselves, we can see that there’s a lot of perks, like birthday bonuses, and specialised customer support.

Software and Casino games

When it comes to the games on offer, those looking to simply browse, without joining, will be greeted with a limited number of titles. We ourselves discovered this before taking the plunge and signing up. Even though you can’t initially access all the activities, the ones you can help to highlight the potential positives of this casino, and the unique nature of the slots they have on offer. And yes, slots is the main serving of the brand, though there are a few table games up for grabs, but definitely no live casino feature as of yet.

All in all there appears to be approximately 30 titles to choose from, all of which appear to be from one software provider, Playson. This is most unusual, as casinos tend to branch out and look to work with as many games companies as possible, yet here they’ve gone for a more niche and exclusive nature. This could either prove extremely successful or damaging, due to the lack of variance on show. If you should want to play these titles, without joining, you’re in luck as you simply select to play the demo version and a new screen will load the game.

Due to the name of the casino it should go without saying that all of the games are mobile compatible, and so gaming on the move is enabled. Many up and coming sites do this, but it’s always worth drawing attention to nonetheless.


As we move further along now, we look to the information regarding banking, after all, if you’re intending to win some cash you’re going to need to allocate it in the first place. MobbySlots is unusual in that it doesn’t list payment method logos at the bottom of each page, instead users will need to look through the FAQs section for answers. There they’ll discover a short list of the options open to them: debit cards, credit cards, Neteller, iCheque, Skrill, and Mobile Billing. Some of these are fairly well known, while others are more niche and still to grow in their appeal, but at least they show that MobbySlots has you covered with its options.

There doesn’t appear to be any limits, other than that for the mobile billing one, which has a restriction of L30 deposit everyday, a figure that might put some high rollers off. As for withdrawing your funds, you’ll need at least L50 in your account before that option can be taken. There is no information regarding the time it takes for this money to make its way to your bank account.

Lastly we come to the currencies available, which like the games providers, is limited indeed; so far only euros and pounds are accepted at Monopoly. As this is a new casino, we can expect a limited number, but two seems most unusual. Hopefully they’ll work on expanding this once they’re better established.

Company Background and License

Finding out more about this brand isn’t easy, for they’ve decided to rid themselves of an about me section, and so all we really knew going in was it being created in 2017. In some respects we can understand this, as it means less clutter on the website, but at the same time it creates a robotic type of personality. Nonetheless, we were able to uncover that they’re operated by Parlay Games, a group that’s been around since the early 2000s. And we found out that there’s a single license at work here, one from the UK Gambling Commission.

Customer Service

In regards to customer service, this casino has two options, though both of them come with a time limit, and so there’s some good with the bad. Users can either call their support team or they can email, with the option of a live chat not put on the table. This surprised us, especially seeing how the brand was established in such a modern age of gaming and technology. The hours you have to contact someone are between 09:00 and 17:00, with the days being Monday to Friday; this is almost treated like an office job.


Monopoly is a great new casino on the scene, but it’s one that clearly needs development in one or two places. The issue will arise if this doesn’t happen, as a brand so limited can’t hope to withstand the presence of other more established casinos at this time. However, for now they deliver an attractive yet simple means of playing games and making some money back, which might be all anyone needs.